Best practices for social change and environmental action

About Rapporteur

Rapporteur provides issues advocacy and cause communication support for organizations focused on social change and environmental action. As a consultancy with expertise  across an array of sectors, it works with NGOs, nonprofits, research institutes, think tanks, foundations, and corporate responsibility programs to…

  • Raise awareness and understanding of key issues.
  • Inform discussion, debate, policy making, and fiscal prioritization.
  • Engage the support of government agencies, the UN and international bodies, philanthropies, and private sector funders.
  • Impact long-term policies and foster meaningful systemic change .

“Rapporteur” is an international term describing individuals or organizations assigned to research, analyze, and convey the facts and complexities of critical issues and situations. The core value of the consultancy thus emphasizes the compelling presentation of clear, factual information in the public interest for community, regional, national, and global audiences.

What Rapporteur does…

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