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Michael McWilliams

Michael McWilliams is founder and executive director of the Rapporteur consultancy.

A veteran communicator and advocate with experience across diverse fields, Michael repatriated to the US from Stockholm, Sweden in 2010 upon finishing work with an international NGO focused on the growing global water crisis. He had moved to the nonprofit and public policy arenas in 2004 after a career spanning 17 years in the corporate world and 12 years leading a strategic communications agency.  His professional aptitudes encompass issues and cause advocacy, marketing, journalism, media relations, organizational development, and entrepreneurship.

A former ski instructor and an avid outdoorsman, Michael is most at home in the backcountry or on the water. As time and weather permit, he strives to improve his rather amateurish playing on the great highland bagpipes.

Michael networks online at LinkedIN.

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